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June 11-12, 2021

Virtual Conference




Learn from the leading researchers in Hepatitis B at HBV-TAG 2021!


We are pleased to announce the inaugural 2021 HBV-TAG (Hepatitis B -Therapeutic Agents) Conference held virtually June 11 – 12, 2021. The conference will provide attendees with an opportunity to learn from leading researchers about the latest innovative science on HBV and engage in interactive discussions by sharing their insights with others on multiple topics related to advances in HBV therapeutic agent development, and the diagnosis and management of patients with HBV. 

The primary objective of the conference is to meet the educational needs of research and development stakeholders and healthcare professionals who seek to improve the lives of patients with HBV. The aim is to bring together key opinion leaders from the teams of clinicians that care for patients with HBV (hepatologists and gastroenterologists) and pharmaceutical industry representatives to discuss optimized trial design, patient populations, therapeutic endpoints, as well as the potential benefits these agents can have for patients with HBV. This conference will deliver a focused scientific educational update that highlights the most clinically relevant advances in HBV to guide future directions in diagnostic procedures and the development of therapeutic agents for HBV. 

The course directors and the Scientific Advisory Council of HBV-TAG is a renowned group of academic researchers at the forefront of HBV therapeutic development who will provide comprehensive strategic planning and guidance for the educational program. These renowned experts will assist in the development of the educational content and will serve as faculty at the conference. They will address the latest clinical trial results, design updates, new pharmacological updates, and the pharmacoeconomic benefit of future treatment to the healthcare system. In addition, the faculty will focus on epidemiology, comorbidities associated with this disease, and the impact of HBV (natural history).



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