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“I was impressed with the variety and depth of the content in every presentation.
I particularly enjoyed the debate portion and mock tumor board discussions.
I would like more Transplant/Living Donor case studies to be involved.”

“The space created for Q&A was what made this conference like no other.

Other meetings spend so much time on presentations with no time for discussion.                     

 Do not sacrifice discussion time for more content.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the debates and how the speakers
brought up data supporting their perspective.”

“The discussions were the best part!”

“Great meeting and look forward to attending future meetings. 
As a medical representative from industry the insights gathered from
the discussion were very helpful for informing future areas of research in HCC.”

“Informal, smaller group, great interactions
and discussion that just cannot happen at a larger venue”

“I come from Transplant Hepatology background – refreshing to hear the evolving strategies surrounding Oncology, IR, HPB surgery, etc.”

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